Also known as vitamin B7, coenzyme R, W Factor, and vitamin H

Biotin - An Essential Vitamin for Hair, Skin, Health, & Beauty

You might have heard biotin referred to as one of the best vitamins for hair and skin. But did you know biotin is an essential vitamin for your health, too? Find out why biotin is important, including biotin's effects on DNA, biotin's cancer fighting effects, the neurological benefits of biotin (including with epilepsy), and how biotin can help with diabetes. Biotin also has veterinary benefits.

Learn about dosage and recommended daily allowance for biotin, as well as important information on how biotin supplements can interfere with diagnostic lab tests, medicine, supplement, and food interactions, and even biotin side effects if used with certain topical skin products. Are high doses of biotin safe to take?

Finally, what causes biotin deficiency and what happens if you have biotin deficiency? Find out what foods have high levels of biotin. Best of all, enjoy some fun, easy-to-make soup, veggie side-dish, beef curry, and healthy smoothie recipes that are loaded with biotin.

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Animal Health Cooking with Biotin Dosage & Safety

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