Also known as vitamin B7, coenzyme R, W Factor, and vitamin H

Biotin Improves HER2-Positive Status Test Accuracy for Breast Cancer Patients

Biotin can help treat breast cancer by improving detection of HER2 status.

The tests that were being used to identify HER-2 status in advanced breast cancer patients who could potentially respond to Herceptin® treatment were both unreliable and inaccurate. Since studies have shown Herceptin® combined with chemotherapy increases both response and survival rates in these HER-2+ breast cancer patients, it was obviously important to find a way to improve these tests.32

Researchers used the avidin/biotin system to help overcome the difficulty. Biotinylated Herceptin® was able to accurately detect patients with HER-2 amplified tumors. It was also discovered to be a predictor of clinical outcome, since those that it did detect were likely to benefit from Herceptin® treatment. This was because the researchers were able to evaluate the availability of trastuzumab-binding sites on individual tumors.32

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A protein in egg whites.9
Attached to a biotin molecule.9