Biotin Can Help Lower Blood Sugar and Treat Neuropathy in Diabetics


Type-2 diabetes is increasing around the world, and is difficult to control. Despite many pharmaceutical treatment options, achieving and maintaining blood sugar levels is especially challenging for obese patients, probably because they are more insulin resistant.40

Specific Biotin Benefits for Diabetics

Efforts to improve current therapies have led to dietary supplementation with chromium for its beneficial effects on blood sugar levels. Recent research also shows that biotin, which evidence suggests is often at reduced levels in type-2 diabetics, may also play an important role in disease management for diabetics. Biotin not only improves fasting blood sugar levels, it also enhances chromium's glucose lowering effects and can help reduce the increased risk of heart disease associated with diabetes.40

In addition, preliminary studies suggest that biotin may help decrease the often-painful symptoms of diabetic neuropathy in the hands and feet. Treatments included intramuscular injections and oral administration of biotin.1


How Does Biotin Work in Diabetes?

Biotin activates certain enzymes called carboxylases that are integral to functions related to sugar metabolism and the release of insulin. In addition to biotin's carboxylase activities, it also regulates and stimulates expression of genes important to maintaining glycemic control and levels of so-called bad cholesterol - triglycerides and very low density lipoproteins (LDLs). Along with chromium, research has shown that biotin is actually essential to regulating metabolism of carbohydrates, and in fact may help diabetics control blood sugar levels.4, 7, 40

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