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Food Sources
Food Sources of Biotin
These yummy high-protein Atkins bars have lots of nutrients - including biotin. The peanut butter probably adds biotin too since nuts are one of few foods relatively high in the vitamin. (10)

Cereal grains (e.g., oat and wheat) have high levels of biotin, but a number of studies have shown that it is not easily digested (except from corn). In fact, consumption of carbohydrates from wheat and other grains as part of a high-carbohydrate/low-fat diet can actually lead to insufficient levels of biotin and may even contribute to a number of diseases (i.e., heart disease and diabetes).7

Fruits and meat are also not considered good sources of biotin. Beans, nuts, and egg yolks, however, are relatively rich in biotin—especially lentils, soy, and almonds.10

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